The Bali Effect: Decoding the Island's Unmatched Allure

27 Sep 23

In the realm of global tourism and expat destinations, Bali stands as a remarkable outlier, offering an enchanting blend of characteristics that set it apart from the crowd. Several distinctive factors contribute to the enduring success of Bali, making it a standout destination among travelers and expatriates alike.

Briefly about the idea of the Oasis project

06 Aug 23

Sometimes it is difficult for me to express my ideas in the text so that everyone can understand it. Therefore, the blog will have entries with different options for describing the essence of the project from different people.

The Power of Community: Finding Like-Minded Individuals for a Happier Life

03 Aug 23

In an increasingly interconnected world, the power of community stands as a fundamental pillar of human well-being. Communities provide us with a sense of belonging, support, and shared purpose that resonates deep within our lives. Whether it's a close-knit group of friends, a professional network, or a neighborhood gathering, the bonds forged within communities contribute...

A Day in the Oasis

31 Jul 23

As the sun painted the sky with hues of gold and pink, I awoke in the comfort of one of the charming houses nestled just steps away from the beach. This little slice of paradise was more than just a place to rest — it was a canvas for a life where nature and work...

Path to the Oasis. Part 4. Life and business on the island

29 Jul 23

Just 2 months later I flew to Sri Lanka again. The plan was originally to build Manjou websites for what he said were numerous clients. This is what I was going to earn a significant part of to open my own guesthouse or hostel. But things didn't go as expected.

Path to the Oasis. Part 3. Three months in Sri Lanka

28 Jul 23

I don’t remember how I found out about the workaway, but it was thanks to this that we managed to fly to the island for 3 months with a budget of a 2-week tour. After paying 20 euros for a subscription, we began to look for hosts where we could stay from the very beginning...

Path to the Oasis. Part 2. Revolution, crisis, loss of profits and the decision to visit the island a second time against all odds

27 Jul 23

The feeling of swamp melancholy, greatly intensifying in autumn, has now become even more acute. Although in general, I rate my standard of living above average. Albeit a small, but growing business. Interesting projects at work...

Path to the Oasis. Part 1. Look through the keyhole

24 Jul 23

A short story about the path to your dream. Ways from a small town to a bright and happy life with travel and interesting work. With life in different places on the planet, each of which can be considered your home. A path that anyone can repeat.