Happy and healthy life - project "Oasis" worldwide

“Oasis” is a place where you will live and work surrounded by nature with a comfortable climate, next to people who are close in spirit and lifestyle.
A place where you can be truly happy.

Everyone has their own ideas about the ideal life. Someone all his life only dreams of the unattainable, someone strives for this and succeeds in part. The dreams of others, however, are quite real and achievable right now. But for this you need to unite and start acting. The idea, the Oasis project (you can call it a new look at the coliving and coworking format) described on this page, is just such a case. I am looking for like-minded people whose ideas about a happy life coincide with what is written below, and I urge you to start the path to your happy life.

Description of the idea

Creation of one or several "oases" - places for comfortable life and predominantly remote work, surrounded by nature and the desired climate, as well as people who are close in spirit and lifestyle. On a permanent and temporary (long-term) basis.
Sustainable and energy efficient housing, organic food, responsible attitude to nature and resources. Good internet for remote work.
Free from politics, religion, racism, nationalism and prejudice.

Like coliving with the right degree of privacy. Or as a remote office, personal or for a team, which is great to live in!


Tropics and subtropics, temperate geographic zone, by the ocean or in the mountains, on the banks of rivers or lakes, the seaside. At a distance of no more than an hour by transport to medium and large settlements.

Types of housing

Detached 1-2 room houses, some with small plots, townhouses, common and commercial premises, glampings.


Creation of an international company by the project participants (crowdfunding). Search and purchase of a suitable plot of land with the subsequent construction of residential buildings and infrastructure. Purchase with ready-made, partially finished real estate is possible.

To put it simply: get together, collect money, find a place, buy and build. Everyone is the owner of a part of the corresponding contribution.

Initial financing and distribution of company shares

Dynamic size of the equity stake depending on the equity contribution in the total capital. Fundraising to the company's account, information on income and expense and balance is fully open to all participants. Payment of dividends with possible subsequent profits from the company's activities. Possibility of getting a share in exchange for a job.

Self-sufficiency of the project, profit

- Rent (no mark-up for participants with a share of 0.1% or more)
- Tourism (rental with a mark-up and services for guests)
- Sale of own products, services

Management and control

meritocracy / technocracy within the framework of the main idea + advice of the largest share holders + hired management of the project participants
fully open financial system (cryptocurrency?)

Opportunity to do business

Selling goods and services on the territory - only on a lease basis (at cost for participants with a share of 1% or more?) or% of turnover / profit?
Tours and other services - through a common service window with payment % of turnover / profit?

Do you want the project to come true?

While we do not have a full-fledged site for registering project participants, I propose to fill out a simple questionnaire (google form). As soon as we have a convenient tool for communicating and continuing to work on a project, I'll let you know. Or maybe it is you who will take part in its creation?;)

Join Now!

Stages of project implementation

Now we are at the very beginning, at the first stage of implementation. And even the description and objectives of this first stage continue to evolve. If you have ideas and desire to participate, fill out the form using this link. And also leave your comments on this page and join our community on facebook and telegram

1st stage is the search for like-minded people.

Creation and development of an information resource about the project. This page is the very first step. It should develop into a multilingual platform for communication of project participants, informing about the results and coordinating all subsequent actions.

2nd stage is legal and organizational preparation for fundraising, finalizing the idea and economic model.

Development of a fully functional multilingual website with registration of participants and acquiring for fundraising. Publication of financial statements on the website and online balance.

3rd stage is the registration and funding of the company, the search for land and the purchase of land, the start of construction.

Registration of the company. The opportunity to receive a share in the company in exchange for work (develop tariffication) for construction and possibly any other.

4th stage is the completion of the construction of the first objects and settlements


Some inspiration

Photo from the part of my life that I lived as described in the project

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Briefly about the idea of the Oasis project

Sometimes it is difficult for me to express my ideas in the text so that everyone can understand it. Therefore, the blog will have entries with different options for describing the essence of the project from different people.